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. In general, shoes symbolize the path we take and our journey through life.
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    Jan 10, 2016 · Ishtakara dream of shoes.

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    M trying for abroad n m confused I don't know I should wait for abroad or to take admission in masters level in Pakistan so i did isthkara & i see a very good beautiful sandle (shoes) in my feet! So what is meaning of this dream what.

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    In Islamic terms, it is also associated with progress, transition and the presence of a strong support structure.

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    What does a pair of black shoes means if one saw this in a dream; How to wear shoes and dress according to Hadiths? Pig Skin Leather Shoes; Commentary on the Hadith regarding the prohibition of walking with one shoe; Masah on shoes; Wearing Shoes in Ihram (Hanbali Fiqh).